Hello! A bit about me: I have crossed jungles, climbed mountains, ridden a camel across the Sahara, seen baby monkeys perform at a pineapple factory, and been to a genuine sumo wrestling match. And as life has gone along, I have had the honor to meet and become friends with the best, most inspiring, and talented people. 

If you want a story, I have one. And if you need a laugh, I can probably help you with that too. Sometimes I make sound effects, more so when I am feeling awkward, and it isn't always on purpose. Baking, listening to history podcasts, yoga, boxing, doing art projects, and building things is how I relax. And in the meantime, I make a few ads, design a few websites, and write a few tv commercials. In a nutshell ... I work in advertising.

Nice to meet you.