drip, drip, dripping with creativity ... 

After Effects is a place to spend countless hours making creatures and people walk or swim across a screen. 

If you love the outdoors, long walks on the beach, travel, and of course anything organic - meat or otherwise, you will be best friends with these two characters. Born in the winter, and ready to party. 

2015: The year of UMLOT - a tiny viking that came to life on a trip to the mountains. Throughout the year he went on all kinds of adventures, raids, you know, the usual - he ended up in a printmaking class I was taking and demanded to be printed. Above is an illustration and a screen print. 

Numbers, symbols, and letters can be used to create more than a text.

Throw an Olympic themed party, create vintage(esque) posters with hand done lettering, and have a blast with your co-workers.

Flat, expressive, realistic-unrealistic illustration is a thing that I found on the internet. I did a tutorial and created this fun little guy ... might be my house, might not ... please don't stalk me.

Step one: purchase black wig. Step two: completely freak out your roommate as you cut said wig apart. Step three: build a font out of the clippings. Step five: enjoy your mother's reaction when you tell her you did steps one-three for a graduate school assignment. 

Meet the first ever hexapus. He might not have all his legs, but he is mighty interested in sinking your battleship, ahem, I mean being friends.

Sometimes you see things online and you think - hey, that's neat, let me try that. Here is my attempt at expressive typography. Poor little A is in intensive care, B,N, and G have visited on the regular, all signs look good. 

The background was illustrated on the computer, the people hand done, cut out (exacto knife fun), photographed, and put back into the image - and the headlines are just really fun. The last image is just an idea my partner and I had in school for a unicycle lane - because you need less room to ride and you want a little danger (we get you unis).