Pepsi-moji TVC & Digital Content

To launch #SayItWithPepsi, we created dozens of five- and 15-second TV commercials starring "Pepsi-moji" cans.
Denver 50 Winner 2017

A taste of some of the spots produced


A new take on a classic 

Once the buzz was built, we capitalized on the fun, recreating one of Pepsi's classics in emoji form. 

Jimmy kimmel's take

In a really fun twist, the spot got the attention of Jimmy Kimmel who decided to parody it. 

Social content 

Five-seconds of fun on Instagram is perfect for the scrolling fan. 


page takeovers

Page takeovers can be a bit of a pain for site goers. But when they only last five seconds, and are as fun as this, they make an impact without annoying.